about the app
BMoreCareful is an android app designed with the hopes of increasing awareness and safety in Baltimore. It uses data pulled from the Baltimore Police Department to show users where 911 calls have come from within the past 24 hours.
the process
We set to work on the app right away on friday. We accomplished roughly 2% of the app on Friday and the remaining 234% on Saturday. Our development includes several subfields of programming:
  • Port listening
  • Socket connecting
  • Android Studios
  • Socrata API, GoogleMaps & GooglePlaces API, Geocoding API
  • HTML & Domain.com
  • Linode Ubuntu server
  • Data filtering
  • Placeholder imagePlaceholder imagePlaceholder image
    the app
    It will load up your current location on the Google Maps API. The linode server is constantly updating a CSV file with all of the most recent 911 calls made, and with your givin filter preferences and Google Places API the app places the icons you can see displayed to the left. The user can select places and get a description, they can jump back to their current location if they get lost, and they can display the most recent call by clicking on the i on the top left. Check out our live demo!
    the lads
    Derek Morales
    Jordan Hettleman
    Austin Pierce-Ptak
    Ben Pazienza